Andrew Golub

profile information

  • Job Title Head of Render Department
  • Company Pingle Studio
  • Location Dnipro, Ukraine
  • Expertise unreal engine, c++, render programming

How long have you been working at Pingle?

Since 2016.

How many projects were completed during this time? 

I took an active part in more than ten projects during this time.

Tell us about your most vivid case in Pingle. 

Almost every case is unique, so it’s hard to choose, but let this one be an example. One of the most vivid cases was implementing Tiled Deferred Rendering on the Switch platform. Working with the Switch is always an exciting challenge.

Tell us about your team. What expertise do they have? What level of complexity did your team solve the problems? 

The team masters all the current Render APIs and has expertise in optimizing rendering on various platforms, from PCs to mobile and console platforms. It’s not a problem for them to implement any render feature on any engine 🙂 They know how the render pipeline works in UE4/UE5 from A to Z.