Artem Tagan

profile information

  • Job Title Head of Art Department
  • Company Pingle Studio
  • Location Dnipro, Ukraine
  • Expertise art, concept art, 3d art, 2d art, animation

How long have you been working at Pingle?

About 6 years.

How many projects were completed during this time?

A lot. In 2023, we completed 20 projects. We also had 7+ massive projects that involved almost every company’s artist – 3D Characters, Environment, Hard Surf Art, 3D Animators, and 2D Concept Art departments. 

Tell us about your most vivid case in Pingle.

I remember a game for which we had to develop a unique game world. We explored different cultures, historical periods, and fantasy elements to create an exciting, unique game universe.

There was also a fantastic collaboration with talented artists; the client and I were on the same wavelength, and working together was inspiring. The exchange of ideas, the creative process, and the mutual influence made creating beautiful artistic solutions possible.

I also remember the challenging case.

On another project, our team faced the challenge of completely changing the game’s art style during development. This decision was made due to updated marketing requirements and the desire to make the game more competitive.

To address this challenge, we took the following steps:

– We analyzed the current situation, 3D models, textures, animations, and general atmosphere. A thorough analysis of the art style and its integration into the game was conducted. 

– Together with the 2D concept team, we developed a very new concept art that reflected the updated vision of the game. There were changes to the color palette, overall style, and even character designs.

– 3D artists have modified existing 3D models to match the new art style. It was a rework of textures, geometry modifications, and animation updates.

– After making the changes, we conducted thorough testing to ensure that the new art style meets the requirements and does not negatively impact performance and gameplay.

This experience required technical skills and the ability to effectively manage change within the team and player community.

Tell us about your team. What expertise do they have? What level of complexity did your team solve the problems?

The entire ART of Pingle is organized into five departments.

Each has its unique expertise:

– Our 3D artists create characters, environments, and cool weapons for games. They use different software to create highly detailed models, considering aspects of geometry and textures. If necessary, we have the capability to create textures that are either incredibly realistic or have a cool stylized appearance.

– At the same time, 2D concept artists create illustrations and concept art that represent the overall vision of the game world, characters, and objects. Their work helps define the style and atmosphere of the project. We develop the color palette and style that will be used in the game to create the desired visual impression.

– and last but not least 3D animators. They utilize a skeletal system, which results in natural 3D model movements when working with bones and joints.

3D animators use motion capture technology to create realistic animations from real movement data. 

We always strive to create beautiful and functional game products that interact closely with all departments to ensure the high-quality execution of game visuals.