Dmytro Bazarov

profile information

  • Job Title Lead UI/UX Designer
  • Company Pingle Studio
  • Location Dnipro, Ukraine
  • Expertise UI/UX Design, Game Design

How long have you been working at Pingle? 

I’ve been working at Pingle for nearly 3 years since 2021. Time flies, and it seems like this journey started just yesterday.

How many projects were completed during this time? 

Many clients appreciate user-friendly interfaces. This fact motivates us greatly and we have worked on numerous projects to meet this demand.

Tell us about your most vivid case in Pingle. 

Every project has unique details and solutions, making us proud of each one. The design process is exciting and never dull.

I have fond memories of creating interfaces from scratch. During the process, we collaborate with other departments to gather data, conduct thorough research and analysis, and thoughtfully design a final interface that meets all goals and objectives.

Tell us about your team. What expertise do they have? What level of complexity did your team solve the problems? 

My team is passionate about their work and driven to enhance their skills every day. We have extensive experience in UX/UI design for various platforms, genres, and styles. 

A UX/UI designer’s job is to solve user problems. Our aim is not only to create visually attractive interfaces that match the style of the project but also to make them convenient and understandable for players. Tasks can vary from the simplest to the most complex. You may need to connect internal resources, analyze, and find optimal solutions. And I am absolutely sure my team is 250% ready for those challenges!