Eugene Martynenko

profile information

  • Job Title Head of Unity Department
  • Company Pingle Studio
  • Location Lviv, Ukraine
  • Expertise Unity Development

How long have you been working at Pingle?

4.5 years

How many projects were completed during this time?


Tell us about your most vivid case in Pingle.

All the cases were bright and exciting. I’ve worked with projects of various styles and execution – from porting and optimization to co-development, from mobile games and portative consoles to AAA projects for Xbox and PlayStation. Each project is a new challenge and always requires a search for unique solutions.

Tell us about your team. What expertise do they have? What level of complexity did your team solve the problems?

The team comprises people with extensive experience and a broad set of Unity Developer skills. Considering our field’s specifics, we mainly develop, port, and optimize games. We know how to release a game from scratch in less than seven weeks like it was with Donut County; fix hundreds of bugs during co-development – on Endless Dungeon, we fixed 258 bugs; develop custom solutions for gameplay – like it was on Undungeon; implement Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers for PS5 DualSense controller, and even more.
So, we solved all the tasks and complexity levels that arise on projects on Unity. The team has extensive expertise to cover anything that can occur.