1. What are game animation outsourcing services?
  2. When to outsource game animation outsourcing services?
  3. What type of game animation service can be outsourced?
  4. How to find a game animation company?
  5. Why choose Pingle Studio for game animation outsourcing?
  6. The Bottom Line

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In this article, we are going to address the benefits of game animation outsourcing as well as the process of game animation outsourcing and how it can benefit you and your production. Much like other types of development outsourcing the expenses and elements involved can vary from production to production depending on scale and levels of complexity.

Game animation outsourcing is incredibly common, especially with large productions as the difference between using a freelancer and a game animation outsourcing company is the level of organization and proven track record in the ability to deliver a quality product. The primary benefit of game animation outsourcing is that you can wash your hands of the complexity of the animation pipeline, allowing you and your team to focus on other elements of production.

What are game animation outsourcing services?

Game animation outsourcing services are essentially companies that focus primarily on delivering specifically the animation section of the pipeline in game development processes for other production teams. Their ability to turn over quality and quantity quickly comes from the fact they are consistently working within that section of the pipeline and are incredibly efficient and proficient at it.  Looking for an animation outsourcing company can seem like a daunting task, but it is considerably easier than attempting to do all your animation in-house, especially when it comes to indie titles.

Game animation outsourcing is a great way to allocate your in-house resources to other parts of the pipeline. A quality animation outsourcing company will provide consistent updates and allow you to track their progress with ease. Generally, they’re used for large productions but it isn’t uncommon for indie developers to take advantage of an animation outsourcing company, as it means they don’t need to rely on perhaps their less experienced team to produce top-quality animation.

Game animation outsourcing services will ask to see your production plan and outlines of what you want your product to be. Upon receiving that information, they will then formulate a timeline and assess the scale and expenses required to deliver your animation. This process is usually quite straightforward, as any decent animation outsourcing company will be able to narrow down quickly exactly what you need however it’s important to provide them with all the information you can during the assessment process.

When to outsource game animation outsourcing services?

It isn’t always easy to define when to use a game animation outsourcing studio, it can be down to what skillset your team has, the budget for your production, or simply time constraints. Typically if you have the means to outsource your animation and don’t have the direct talent in your team to produce animation yourselves, that is the time to consider a game animation outsourcing studio.

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Source: Artstation

When looking to use a game animation outsourcing studio, you may think that you need to look for the most affordable or even the fastest, potentially looking at freelancers on sites like Fiverr, who charge less but turn over quickly, however, if you’re looking for the best results, your number one priority when selecting a game animation outsourcing studio is communication. Ultimately your animation and your game production need to be consistent, and that isn’t possible without high-quality communication and consistent correspondence, which respectable and successful game animation outsourcing studios will do. Communication equals consistency and consistency equals quality, this needs to be your mantra when assessing which game animation outsourcing team to go with.

What type of game animation service can be outsourced?

Companies outsource game animation for all different scales of game titles. Indie productions have used outsource game animation, as well as major titles. When it comes to what type of game animation can be outsourced, the answer is actually “any”. The scale and complexity of your project tend to dictate the size of the company required to outsource game animation. If you require a large cast of characters to be animated, or perhaps you have a lot of action set pieces that need rigging and animating, you’ll be able to find an outsource based company to be able to assist you and your production.

It is important to remember when deciding to outsource game animation that you define exactly what you need and the time frame in which you need it. Whilst companies that handle outsourcing of animation are experienced, different studios can handle different-sized products. You wouldn’t hire an individual freelancer off Fivver to handle your AAA game title, but you could potentially use them for your small indie release. Define your needs and then communicate them to your chosen outsourced animation resource.

How to find a game animation company?

Finding the best game animation company can be separated into simple steps that will ensure you get a team that will meet your expectations and delivers you exactly what you need.

  1. Be specific and keep local

Look online at animation studios in your direct area, you’re best to use a service that is localized to you first if possible. Communication is far easier if you’re in the same time zone, that way you’re all working at the same time and can work in unison as opposed to working with a game animation studio that is in a different time zone, where you’ll operate at opposing times.

  1. Read reviews and dive deep

Companies that use these outsource animation studios usually have a lot of testimonials and reviews, take the time to read them and not only see if they’re quality reviews but pay attention to specifics and look at companies that prioritize communication as that is the indicator for a quality outsource animation studio.

  1. Research Price

A good way to develop an understanding of industry rates is to check freelancing sites for consistent rates going for the type of animation work you require. Whilst studios may quote you something quite different depending on your needs, you can at least enter into a discussion knowing what you’re up for when it comes to financing animation.

  1. Understand your Studio

Once you’ve narrowed down the studios you’d like to outsource to, look at their social media and how they present themselves. Generally how a company presents its work and its image is a good indicator of professionalism and can help you narrow down your options.

  1. Use press and animation media

There are various animation-based publications and websites that often interview and write articles about studios. You can use these resources to get an insight into the production style of these studios, giving you the inside track and allowing you to get a better grasp on not just the practicals of how they work but also their general attitude and companywide persona, which is also important in a business relationship.

Why choose Pingle Studio for game animation outsourcing?

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With our outsourcing game animation guide aside, it is worth noting that here at Pingle Studio we provide a multitude of developmental services that turn your good concept into a fantastic game title. Whilst we’re experienced primarily in providing assistance for game ports, we also offer expertise in animation and modeling too. We’ve previously provided animation and modeling for X4: Split Vendetta to rave reviews and can provide you with the professionals you need to assist your production.

Pingle Studio is a trusted outsourcing studio that has been used by some of the biggest publishers in the industry to deliver quality gaming content. Pingle Studio doesn’t just provide experts in various development fields in games, we provide you with professionals that are leaders in their fields and veterans of all stages of the pipeline. This means that when you work with us at Pingle Studio, you’re working with creative artists that know how to deliver quality content, consistently.

We thrive on being flexible for our clients and that is why you can count on us to provide you with a multitude of services to assist with your game development. Next time you need animators, modelers, game testers, or even have questions about porting your game title, consider the passionate experts at Pingle Studio.

The Bottom Line

Outsourcing game animation ultimately is about defining exactly what you want and understanding the resources required to achieve it. If you’re unsure where to start, research studios in your area and reach out to them. Studios that provide outsourcing animation will be accessible and more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Outsourcing animation is a great way to take the pressure off your team and allow them to focus on other aspects of your game title whilst you leave the animation in the hands of capable experts who deliver high-quality results on time. Outsourcing animation is incredibly common and is a popular practice because it very regularly delivers quality results that leave consumers satisfied with the final game product. If you have any questions about outsourcing game animation, feel free to read through our website and see why we’re one of the most renowned outsourcing studios in the world.