1. How to choose an Outsourcing Game Development Company
  2. Destination
  3. The Outsourcing Secret
  4. Track Record
  5. The Best Outsourcing Companies
  6. 1. Pingle Studio
  7. 2. ZVKY
  8. 3. Fluper
  9. 4. Lemon Sky Studios
  10. 5. Riseup Labs
  11. 6. Juego Studio
  12. 7. Keywords Studio
  13. 8. Chromatic Games
  14. 9. BR Softech
  15. 10. Cubix
  16. Final Thoughts

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With the constant expansion of the video game industry more and more developers look to outsourcing partial development to additional studios to not only streamline the production process but ultimately deliver a better product for consumers. Currently, the US gaming market is worth around 90 billion dollars, which is astounding, and what is even more impressive is that market is predicted to grow further.

With the saturation, there is a need to get to market quickly and efficiently whilst providing top-quality content, which is why more professional indie developers look to outsource their development to other studios. Video game outsourcing companies are common but there are a key few that provide an elevated service outside the others, which we will touch on later.

The industry itself is massive, with Video Game Developers in the US capping out at over 3,000 studios currently, the need for game development outsourcing is the highest it’s been in a decade and as a result of that, there are countless studios that provide outsource game development.

Given that there will be 3 billion active gamers by 2023, the demand for game releases and the time frames in which they will need to be delivered will be shorter and shorter making the demand for quality and consistent outsourcing game development higher. Whilst many studios are capable of providing outsourcing game development, there are companies that specialize specifically as video game outsourcing companies. These studios are fantastic at communicating and know how to integrate their development process into your studio dynamics to ensure the production dynamics do not change from what you’re used to.

How to choose an Outsourcing Game Development Company

Now that we have a better grasp on the industry, where it is heading, and the need for faster development cycles we can get into the essentials behind choosing a studio to provide you with outsourcing game development. Game Development Outsourcing can be a breeze if you choose the right studio for you and there are some definite guidelines to follow when selecting an outsourcing studio for your game development.


This may seem simple, but you need to consider time zones when selecting a studio. Working in a collaborative and fluid fashion is considerably complex when one of the studios is far outside your time zone, working while you all sleep. Always begin your search for game development outsourcing by looking on your own doorstep first. Try to compile a list of studios that provide the service within your time zone, as it provides better opportunities for good communication. 

Another factor with this is choosing a studio that understands your concept culturally, as an example if you’re making a medieval England RPG, you wouldn’t outsource to a studio in an area where they have no knowledge of that – as culturally their understanding of that particular part of the world and history will be lacking compared to a studio based in England. Game Development Outsourcing works best when the studio you work with has a strong understanding of your game concept without you having to outline every single detail of the context.

The last item to factor in when it comes to studio location is cost. Game Development wages vary from country to country, as an example using game development outsourcing in the US will cost substantially more than it would if you outsourced to Australia.

The Outsourcing Secret

Ukraine is the game industry’s best-kept secret and is an absolute mecca of game development talent. Huge studios are outsourcing to their dynamic and professional community because not only are they professional and efficient, but considerably more affordable than other locations. Studios like Ubisoft, Paradox, CD Project Red, Activision, and Capcom all outsource development to Ukraine and it is definitely something worth considering, even if the time zone is different as you’ll not only get access to incredible development teams, but you’ll get access to affordable development too.

Track Record

The last tip is an obvious one and that is to look carefully at an outsourcing-based studio’s past releases. Generally, you can get a good feel for a studio by looking at how well-received its previous releases were. Most quality outsourcing studios will provide extensive testimonials and details about their successes as the more successful stories they can provide, the more likely bigger studios will come to them for outsourcing development processes. Study their portfolio closely!

The Best Outsourcing Companies

At this point, you’ll be thinking that there is an incredible amount of companies to sift through to find the right studio for you, and to make things easier we’ve compiled a list of studios that provide expert outsourcing development services.

1. Pingle Studio

We’ve put ourselves at the top of the list, and for good reason. At Pingle Studio we’re global game development juggernauts that regardless of how complex the technical hurdles may be or how detailed the creative demand may be, provide a consistent and reliable outcome for game development studios.

Fluent in Unreal Engine and Unity, we can provide support for games on any platform and can also assist with the mass porting of games too. Whether you need co-development, game testing, porting, art & animation, or even full-cycle development, you can be assured we’ll deliver unparalleled services.