1. Sports simulators on Xbox Game Pass
  2. 2 player games on Xbox Game Pass
  3. Ragdoll physics Xbox Game Pass co-op games
  4. Some more single-device Xbox Game Pass cooperative games worth your attention
  5. The conclusion

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Xbox Game Pass proved itself as an example of a successful subscription service for games since its debut in 2017. As of February 2024, over 34 million players subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. Starting the Xbox Game Pass subscription is a popular move among the owners of the new consoles because you immediately get access to a rich catalog of almost 500 console games. So you have a great choice of games from the first hours of owning the console. 

Another example of Xbox Game Pass’s success is how they took a niche of couch co-op games. So, if you own one console and have some friends at your place, Xbox Game Pass offers plenty of local multiplayer games to experience.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best 2 player games on Xbox Game Pass, which you can enjoy on a single console with your friends.

Sports simulators on Xbox Game Pass

Obviously, when it comes to home party games, sports simulators are one of the most popular options.
Xbox game pass offers the following sports simulators in the subscription:


The last version of FIFA before it changed the name to EA FC is available and is one of the most popular Xbox Game Pass local multiplayer games. Xbox players are a solid part of the general audience of an estimated 1.3 million console players as of March 2024.  

  • NHL 23

Another major sports franchise by EA is available as one of the best 2 player games on Xbox and in the Game Pass subscription. 


The third edition of the world’s most popular mixed martial arts simulator is also available for Xbox Game Pass users, allowing them to imitate UFC championships without attending the arena. 

  • Madden NFL 24

Another grand sports sim by EA is available in the Xbox Game Pass with local multiplayer, allowing you to repeat the Superbowl games with up to 4 players on a single device. 

  • NBA 2K24

Unlike most other sports games, the rights to crate and maintain games for the NBA belongs to 2k games. NBA 2K24 is also available for NBA fans worldwide with the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

  • DIRT 5

Xbox Game Pass also covers realistic racing game fans. DIRT 5 is an amazing dirt rally simulator by Codemasters, and subscribers can play it on a single device. 

2 player games on Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft realizes the potential of cooperative two-player games to expand the audience, so they made sure the most remarkable games of this niche are available in Xbox Game Pass. These games are: 

  • It Takes Two

2021’s Game of the Year by The Game Awards is available in a subscription. This EA Originals IP by Hazelight Studios is designed for two players and has a strong reputation as the best cooperative console game of our generation. It Takes Two is a masterpiece of cooperative mechanics and level design.

It Takes Two

  • A Way Out

The previous cooperative game of Hazelight Studios is also designed for two players only. A Way Out is a down-to-earth story of a prison break with variative story and cooperative game mechanics. This game will definitely grant Xbox Game Pass subscribers a few challenging cooperative gaming sessions.

  • Army of Two

This game was one of the first successful experiences of Xbox trying to design a big cooperative game. Army of Two is a fast-paced split-screen shooter full of specific cooperative challenges from the Xbox 360 era. Remastered for the later versions of the Microsoft consoles, Army of Two adds some value for the local multiplayer gang of Xbox Game Pass.  

Ragdoll physics Xbox Game Pass co-op games

Ragdoll physics is not new to the game development industry, but it still serves as an amazing core mechanic for some games. And it turned out to be even funnier with the friends! Here are some ragdoll physics games you can play via Xbox Game Pass cooperatively on a single device: 

  • Totally Reliable Delivery Service

TRDS is an extremely funny ragdoll-based game where the player’s goal is to deliver various cargo in the city. Creative level design and physics make the gameplay entertaining for any audience. We at Pingle Studio were happy to help our partners from tinyBuild optimize this game for various platforms, including Xbox consoles.

  • Human Fall Flat

This game by Curve Games absolutes the use of ragdoll physics in game design. Solve fun and challenging physics-based levels with up to 8 players online or two on a single device. 

  • Overcooked! 2

This chaotic, fast-paced game by Team17 is another example of the greatness of cooperative games. In Overcooked! 2, you play as a team in the kitchen of a restaurant, cooking various meals with a set of fun limitations and challenges, which becomes an amazing cooperative experience. 

Some more single-device Xbox Game Pass cooperative games worth your attention

Honestly, we didn’t know how to categorize the next four games. These are just four good IP’s with a local multiplayer mode, available in Xbox Game Pass:

  • Mortal Kombat 11

The 11th part of the eternal classic franchise of brutal fantasy fighting games is available in Xbox Game Pass. 

  • Injustice 2

This fighting game by the developers of the Mortal Kombat franchise, but based on the DC comics characters, is also available in Xbox Game Pass. 

  • Terraria

Survive, fight, explore, and build in this stylized sandbox game with the procedural world generation. Terraria is another great example of a two-player game for a single console in Xbox Game Pass. 

  • STAR WARS Battlefront II

Do we need to introduce a huge Star Wars game from EA and the creators of the Battlefield? The sequel to Star Wars Battlefront is available through Xbox Game Pass with some game mods supporting the split screen and single-device multiplayer.

The conclusion

As one of the biggest players in the console market, Microsoft understands the core concept of sharing the joy when it comes to the game catalogs they provide. Despite not being the most popular online multiplayer concept, single-device multiplayer is still a thing, and thousands of gamers worldwide take it into account when selecting a console.

If you want your game adapted to any possible gaming device (including Xbox) and need no issues with platform certifications – contact us and let’s see what we can do for your game!