1. Support the kids in Ukraine affected by the war

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Support the kids in Ukraine affected by the war

As a game development company, we understand the concept of joy and playfulness. We appreciate the inner child in every one of our employees. Some of the products we’ve been honored to work with are popular among children and are made for children.

To us, childhood is the sacred and most appreciated period of life. It’s a time to form a unique personality, discover what makes their heart beat faster, feel the brightest emotions ever, and try things for the first time.

Ukrainian children can’t have their childhood at full now. Our children hide in bomb shelters instead of playgrounds, hear air raid sirens instead of cartoon openings, their sports and hobby facilities are being destroyed, their houses bombed and their families annihilated.

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While brave adult Ukrainian men and women are fighting the Russian occupier, plenty of children fight their own war. That’s why we decided to unite our powers with KIDS OF UKRAINE – a non-profit organization that helps Ukrainian women and children who had been forced to leave their homes and needed help. The Kids of Ukraine NGO Foundation was established to help children and their mothers. On the 1st of June has already started the “SviTY” educational and recreational day camp for teenagers (12-16 y.o.) in Lviv, Cherkasy, Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia and even Germany. Overall, more than 500 teenagers passed their program.

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We will organize a series of charity events and raise funds for children with the help of the Kids of Ukraine NGO. The profits will go directly to buy food, personal hygiene, clothing, and medicine for the internally displaced people children and women in Ukraine and also to SviTy – a psychological rehabilitation camp for children of war.

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The main idea of the camp is to preserve and increase the uniqueness and potential of each child. To give resources and help build up inner strengths, which will allow these children to adapt (or integrate abroad to a new place) to difficult conditions of war and transformation of our society. The goal of the camp or club is to create a safe space, in which children will have an opportunity to express themselves and acquire new skills.

We will do our best to help as many of them as possible. And we invite you to join our mission! The first charity events will soon be announced, so follow Pingle Studio and Kids of Ukraine to be aware of our progress.

Find out more about the NGO and how to join on the website https://kidsofua.org/