How to Do Video Game QA

There is no single approach to video game QA testing. The ways to find bugs and glitches in a game build should depend on the type of game you’re working on. However, there are some general principles you can follow.

First, you need to interact with every interactable object on the screen. For example, you should check if every wall is solid or if every unit of the army you control responds the same to clicking on them.

Second, you need to test every scenario that might potentially occur. This especially concerns the actions the developers might not have thought about, like killing a helpful NPC, going off the paved road, trying to climb on unreachable places, etc.

Last, you need to repeat that with every character, weapon, or test other variations the game has. A slight difference in the model can cause unpredictable game-breaking interactions you need to account for.

Encountering a bug is only a first step. Next, you need to reproduce it to determine what is causing it correctly. After that, you need to properly document it so that the developers can work on eliminating the problem.

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