Steps in QA Video Game Testing

  1. Plan the test 
  2. Get ready for the test 
  3. Start the test 
  4. Prepare a report on the issues
  5. Return to step 1.

For game testing to be effective and successful, it needs to be well-organized. So, let’s review an optimal way to manage the QA process in the video game industry step-by-step:

Plan the test 

Determine the actions you need to make to complete a particular stage of the testing process. Consider the recent changes made to get the latest build of the game and which issues it might cause;

Get ready for the test 

In some cases, before the game testing starts, you need to read the documentation and get familiar with the specifics of the current build;

Start the test 

Perform the actions you’ve planned for and search for bugs and glitches. If you’ve found the issue, gather as much information around it as possible, make sure that it is replicable;

Prepare a report on the issues

Enter the information you’ve gathered in a concise and easy-to-understand manner so that it is easy for developers to fix the issue;

Return to step 1.

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