1. Why choose Unreal Engine for Mobile games development?
  2. 1. Incredibly Efficient
  3. 2. Stability and Reliability
  4. 3. 2D and 3D Worlds
  5. 4. Easy to Access and Use
  6. 5. Deep Customization
  7. How to make a mobile game in Unreal Engine?
  8. Choose Pingle for your Mobile Game
  9. Final Thoughts

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Mobile game development can be a challenging process and the difficulty of that challenge largely falls on the decision of which game engine you’re going to use for your development process. This article will outline the benefits of using Unreal Engine for mobile game development as well as the process of how to make a mobile game in Unreal Engine.

A lot of early developers may wonder “can unreal engine make mobile games?” and the answer is yes, Unreal Engine, especially the latest version 5 is an incredibly robust development suite that is capable of producing game content for any platform. We’ll also compare Unreal Engine for mobile games with another development suite, Unity, to get some perspective on the benefits and potential issues of using Unreal Engine for your mobile game development.

Why choose Unreal Engine for Mobile games development?

As mentioned previously, Unreal Engine is capable of producing game content for all platforms, but it offers a particular set of advantages over other developmental tools. We’ll break it down into a definitive list of why you should choose Unreal Engine for Mobile Games.

1. Incredibly Efficient

The difference between development for Unreal Engine android games and Unreal Engine iOS games is very little. In fact, Unreal Engine allows you to develop your Unreal Engine mobile game for both platforms at the same time, not only that but the main benefit of using Unreal Engine for Mobile games is the system allows you to port titles very easily, so if you want to port your game to other platforms later that is absolutely possible.

2. Stability and Reliability

One of the main reasons Unreal Engine Mobile Games are popular is the stability and reliability that Epic offers. Epic is one of the top developers and publishers, which means you can be assured that their toolsets and application are unsurpassed. Epic themselves when developing use the same tool set available to the public.

3. 2D and 3D Worlds

Not only can Unreal Engine make mobile games, but it can make them in 2D and 3D, with a 2D sprite-based animation system built in called Paper 2D. This means that you’re able to produce any style title with the platform. Although Unreal Engine is known for its graphic fidelity and performance, which makes it a far better choice for 3D Unreal Engine Android games and Unreal Engine iOS games.

4. Easy to Access and Use

When considering how to make a mobile game in Unreal Engine, one of the main benefits is that it is completely free to access and use. Unlike other game development platforms, developing an Unreal Engine Mobile Game costs you nothing in terms of the software. Unreal Engine is incredibly generous when it comes to independent development and actively encourages newcomers and smaller teams to use the development tool.

When considering developing an Unreal Engine Mobile game, consider the fact the only time you have to pay Epic is when your game title exceeds $1 Million in sales, in which case you need to pay Epic a 5% cut. Epic themselves are very developer friendly, allowing you an additional option of paying them a fee upfront via contacting them directly.

5. Deep Customization

Something other development toolsets for gaming can fall into is not offering enough diversity which makes your game look like every game developed on that platform, however, the main benefit to developing an Unreal Engine Mobile Game is the fact you can access the Engine’s source code on GitHub. Allowing you access to the source code means you can customize the pipeline process to suit your particular development style and needs. What does this mean for you as a developer? You’ll be able to produce your game faster and more efficiently.

How to make a mobile game in Unreal Engine?

When establishing how to use Unreal Engine for your mobile game you need to first define what your game title is. Is it a 3D game? Is it a 2D game? What is its scope? Once you’ve defined what you need, you can customize Unreal Engine’s toolset to suit your particular needs. As mentioned previously the main benefit here is that Unreal Engine allows you to develop for Android and iOS at the same time, saving you countless hours of customizing for the specific platform – even allowing you to port your title at a later date.

Something we’ve not touched on is the documentation for Unreal Engine is extensive, which means you’ll never be stuck trying to figure out how to use particular tools or setup your development process. You can find a robust section for android development here and an extensive selection of information for iOS development here. The community of developers for Unreal Engine is massive and you’ll likely be able to source great hints and tips from its community of developers, both professional and independent.

Choose Pingle for your Mobile Game

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Another incredible option for Mobile Game development is to allow another studio that has extensive experience in Mobile game development to assist with your development. At Pingle Studio we have had developers and publishers of all levels come to us to assist with their massive projects because they know our extensive experience offers them unparalleled reliability and service. Unlike other studios, we have a huge array of professionals under our roof including seasoned testers, creative artists, and diverse leaders.

We are able to offer both technical services and creative services, and not only meet deadlines but often exceed them. Choosing Pingle Studio for your mobile game development is a fantastic way to take the pressure off yourself and your team, as you can be confident that our team of experts can deliver exactly what you require in the time that you require it. At Pingle Studio we’re proud of our collaborations and development successes, so much so we’ve provided a series of case studies so you can do more than just take our word for our services, you can see our proven track record.

Final Thoughts

Unreal Engine is an incredible piece of software that really hands you complete creative control without tethering you down behind paywalls and the extensive code and development knowledge usually required to produce content. Unreal Engine is designed to allow your creativity to flourish and not be bogged down with technical hurdles. And while there are other popular engines for this kind of development like Unity, Unreal Engine delivers a striking visual quality that is an immediate draw card for your game title.

Dive into Unreal Engine today and explore what it has to offer and if you find that there are aspects that are beyond your or your team’s capabilities for what you want to develop, get in touch with the team here at Pingle Studio and we’ll help bring your game and vision to life with our extensive, passionate and talented game development staff. At Pingle Studio we thrive on helping you achieve your goals and we look forward to any opportunity to show other development teams why we’re one of the leading studios in the industry when it comes to not just mobile game development, but game development in general.