1. Medway Gaming Festival
  2. HIT Games Conference Barcelona
  3. TwitchCon Europe 2024
  4. Conclusion

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June has often been a landmark month for the game development community, with a series of high-profile events bringing together developers, designers, publishers, and, of course, gamers from around the globe. These gatherings are more than just showcases of the latest titles and technologies; they also serve as an amazing arena for networking, fostering collaboration, and bringing the industry forward.

Game development events serve as a melting pot of creative and technical talent, where professionals and amateurs can exchange ideas, forge new partnerships, and stay abreast of the latest trends. For developers, attending these events is not just about promoting their games; it’s about building relationships that can lead to future collaborations, learning from peers and industry veterans, and being close to gamers. Networking at these events often leads to the sharing of invaluable insights and experiences that can inspire and inform future projects.

June is traditionally a bustling month for the gaming world, and 2024 has been no exception. Some serious announcements have captured the industry’s attention, with exciting revelations about upcoming game releases, expected technology advancements, and significant updates to popular franchises. 

Moreover, June’s events provided a platform for indie developers to shine. Smaller studios often use these gatherings to present their unique projects to a broader audience, gaining visibility and support that can be critical for their success. The diversity of voices and ideas at these events underscores the rich and varied nature of the gaming industry, ensuring that creativity continues to flourish.

In this article, we will examine three significant gamedev events that occurred in June 2024. 

Medway Gaming Festival

The Medway Gaming Festival 2024, held at the Chatham Historic Dockyard in the UK from June 15-16, proved to be a cozy location for talent, innovation, and community within the gaming industry. Set against the backdrop of this historic site, the festival offered attendees a unique blend of what we love about our industry: cutting-edge technology and rich cultural heritage, making it an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

The festival featured an impressive array of showcases from some of the world’s leading game developers. Attendees had the opportunity to experience the latest offerings from major gaming brands such as Valorant, EA FC, League of Legends, Rocket League, and Mario Kart. There was also a whole separate area for competing in those disciplines. These showcases provided a firsthand look at the newest game mechanics, graphics, and features, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future of gaming.

Cosplayers at Medway Gaming Festival

One of the standout showcases was from Riot Games, who presented exciting updates for both Valorant and League of Legends. Attendees could explore new characters, maps, and game modes, engaging directly with the developers to learn about the intricate design and development processes behind these popular titles.

A highlight of the Medway Gaming Festival was the series of engaging talks and panel discussions featuring industry experts. These sessions covered a lot: from game design and storytelling to the latest trends in virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Prominent figures from the gaming world shared their insights and experiences, providing valuable knowledge and inspiration to both aspiring developers and seasoned professionals.

One notable panel discussion focused on the evolving landscape of esports, with representatives from EA FC and Rocket League discussing the increasing popularity and competitive nature of these games. Another session delved into the art of storytelling in games, featuring developers from narrative-rich titles who discussed how they create compelling narratives that captivate players.

The on-site motion capture (mocap) studio added a dynamic and interactive element to the festival. This hands-on demonstration allowed attendees to see and participate in the process of capturing real-life movements and translating them into digital animations. The Mocap studio provided an immersive experience, showcasing the technology that brings characters and actions to life in modern video games.

Festival-goers could try out the mocap suits and see their movements mirrored by digital avatars on screen, offering a unique perspective on the level of detail and precision required in game development. This interactive experience highlighted the cutting-edge technology that is driving innovation in the industry.

In addition to the gaming showcases and discussions, the Medway Gaming Festival featured a vibrant cosplay area. This dedicated space allowed fans to express their creativity and passion by dressing up as their favorite gaming characters. The cosplay area was a visual feast, with elaborate costumes and enthusiastic participants contributing to the festive atmosphere. Cosplayers had the chance to participate in competitions and showcase their talents on stage, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

The festival also hosted a lectorium, a series of educational lectures aimed at providing deeper insights into various aspects of game development and the gaming industry. These sessions were designed to cater to a wide range of interests and expertise levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Topics covered in the lectorium included game design principles, the importance of user experience (UX) in game development, and the impact of emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Speakers included renowned developers, designers, and researchers who shared their knowledge and experiences, offering practical advice and inspiration to attendees.

HIT Games Conference Barcelona

The HIT Games Conference 2024, held in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, from June 20-21, brought together a diverse array of professionals from across the gaming industry. This bright event was a focal point for sharing knowledge, networking, and exploring the latest trends and future projections in game development. Attendees were treated to an immersive experience that combined insightful presentations, interactive activities, and opportunities for career advancement.

One of the standout features of the HIT Games Conference was its impressive lineup of over 70 speakers. These industry leaders and experts delivered talks that delved into various aspects of game development, from the intricacies of game design and programming to marketing strategies and business models. The breadth and depth of topics covered ensured that there was something of value for everyone, whether they were seasoned professionals or newcomers to the industry.

Notable speakers included representatives from Google, Playcus, Unity, Funplus, Voodoo, Imaginus VR, Neon Goose, Retro Style Games, and Playtika. These industry giants shared their insights on the latest technological advancements, creative processes, and market dynamics shaping the future of gaming. Their presentations provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, helping them stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Networking is a cornerstone of the HIT Games Conference, and this year’s event featured a range of activities designed to foster connections and collaborations. The expo area was a bustling hub of activity, with exhibitors showcasing their latest products, services, and technologies. Attendees had the chance to engage directly with companies, learn about new tools and solutions, and explore potential partnerships.

Networking sessions, both formal and informal, allowed attendees to connect with peers, share experiences, and discuss potential collaborations. These interactions were invaluable for building relationships that could lead to future projects and opportunities within the gaming industry.

A key highlight of the conference was the series of sessions dedicated to exploring gaming market trends and future projections. These sessions provided a comprehensive overview of the current state of the industry and offered insights into where it might be heading. Topics covered included the growth of mobile gaming, the rise of virtual and augmented reality, the impact of artificial intelligence, and emerging business models such as free-to-play and subscription services.

Industry analysts and experts shared data and case studies that illustrated the latest trends, helping attendees to understand the forces driving change in the market. These sessions equipped developers, publishers, and investors with the knowledge they needed to make informed decisions and strategically position themselves for future success.

Adding a dynamic and engaging element to the conference were the stage performances by representatives of leading companies such as Google, Playcus, Unity, Funplus, Voodoo, Imaginus VR, Neon Goose, Retro Style Games, and Playtika. These performances were more than just presentations; they were interactive and often included live demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and panel discussions. This format allowed for a deeper dive into the subjects being discussed and encouraged active participation from the audience.

For instance, Unity’s presentation on its latest game development tools was particularly well-received. It featured live demonstrations that showcased the capabilities of its new engine updates. Similarly, Google’s session on cloud gaming highlighted the potential of its latest technologies to revolutionize how games are developed and played.

Recognizing the importance of career development within the industry, the HIT Games Conference featured an active career area dedicated to job seekers and employers. This area provided a platform for attendees to explore career opportunities, meet with recruiters, and gain insights into the skills and experiences that are in high demand.

Workshops and seminars in the career area offered practical advice on resume building, interview techniques, and career progression within the gaming industry. These sessions were invaluable for individuals looking to break into the industry or advance their existing careers.

TwitchCon Europe 2024

TwitchCon Europe 2024, held at the Rotterdam Ahoy in the Netherlands from June 26-30, was an exhilarating event that brought together streamers, viewers, and brands for a vibrant celebration of gaming and creativity. This annual convention, dedicated to the Twitch community, provided an unparalleled platform for attendees to engage in competitive gaming, participate in interactive sessions, and build connections.

TwitchCon Europe is renowned for its ability to unite the diverse Twitch community, and the 2024 edition was no exception. Streamers from various genres and regions gathered to share their experiences, learn from each other, and celebrate their successes. This year’s event featured a mix of established Twitch personalities and rising stars, creating a unique blend of content and perspectives.

Viewers, the lifeblood of the Twitch platform, had the opportunity to meet their favorite streamers in person, attend live broadcasts, and participate in fan meet-and-greet sessions. The presence of major brands added an extra layer of excitement as companies showcased their latest products and innovations tailored to the streaming and gaming communities.

Competitive gaming was a major highlight of TwitchCon Europe 2024, with numerous tournaments and competitions taking place throughout the event. Attendees could witness high-stakes matches in popular games such as Valorant, Fortnite, League of Legends, and Apex Legends. These events featured some of the best players and teams from around the world, providing thrilling entertainment and showcasing the skill and strategy involved in professional gaming.

In addition to the competitive gaming events, TwitchCon offered a variety of interactive sessions designed to engage and educate attendees. Workshops and panels covered a wide range of topics, from content creation and community building to technical aspects of streaming and brand partnerships. Experts and successful streamers shared their insights and tips, providing valuable guidance for both new and experienced streamers looking to enhance their channels and grow their audiences.

One of the unique aspects of TwitchCon Europe is the opportunity it provides for streamers to connect with their audiences on a personal level. Throughout the event, streamers hosted live sessions, Q&A panels, and interactive activities that allowed them to engage directly with their fans. These interactions helped strengthen the bond between streamers and their communities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Brands also played a significant role at TwitchCon, using the event as a platform to showcase their latest products and services. From gaming hardware and software to lifestyle and entertainment products, companies had the chance to reach a highly engaged and targeted audience. Streamers and brands explored potential partnerships, discussing collaboration opportunities that could benefit both parties and enhance the streaming experience for viewers.

TwitchCon Europe 2024 saw the participation of numerous famous streamers, adding star power and drawing large crowds. Popular streamers such as Shroud, Pokimane, DrLupo, and Valkyrae were in attendance, sharing their journeys, hosting live streams, and participating in various activities. Their presence not only attracted fans but also provided inspiration and insight into what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of live streaming.

These streamers hosted special events and activities, such as charity streams, gaming challenges, and collaborative sessions with other creators. Their involvement added a layer of excitement and authenticity to the event, as fans had the chance to see their favorite content creators in action and interact with them in a more personal setting.


From the Medway Gaming Festival’s blend of cultural heritage and cutting-edge technology to the HIT Games Conference’s insights into market trends and TwitchCon Europe’s celebration of community, each event provided unique opportunities for learning, networking, and inspiration. As we reflect on these gatherings, it’s clear that the heart of gaming’s evolution lies in the games themselves and the vibrant, collaborative, and ever-expanding community of developers, players, and enthusiasts.