1. About XDS Spark Team

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Pingle Studio announces an advertising partnership with XDS Spark.

As a global game development partner, we at Pingle Studio appreciate the chance to do more for the game development industry.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Pingle Studio and XDS Spark Team are poised to lead the charge, setting new standards for innovation and excellence. This partnership is the first step in the fruitful collaboration between Pingle Studio and the XDS Spark Team, so stay tuned for further updates. 

XDS Spark is on a mission to drive great partnerships, which is why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Pingle Studio. Pingle’s combination of experience, talent and endeavour has seen them become a full scope dev studio valued by a roster of top tier clients. We look forward to advancing external development together!’ – Sam Carlisle, Co-founder XDS Spark

About XDS Spark Team

XDS Spark Co-Founders Sam Carlisle and Chris Wren have over 40 years combined experience with big names behind them – Microsoft, Xbox Game Studios Publishing and Electronic Arts (EA). Together, Chris and Sam have been leaders in the XDS Advisory Committee for over a decade. Their efforts have been invaluable in supporting AAA studios, and advocating for the professionalization of external development. In addition to their contributions to the External Development Summit (XDS), both have spoken at global industry events to raise awareness for the practice.

Find out more about XDS Spark here: https://xds-spark.com/