revolution software releases
beyond a steel sky on apple
arcade with technical support
from pingle studio

Case study
the challenge

optimize beyond a steel sky’s code and art assets so as to achieve optimal performance on all apple devices that support apple arcade

the challenge
the result
the result

revolution software were able to release beyond a steel sky onto apple arcade

commercial and critical reception

  • 4.2 rating on AppStore

Tobias Foosheim, Producer at Revolution Software

Pingle managed to optimise our existing mobile assets to run on the lowest end devices supported by Apple Arcade to a playable frame rate.  A professional, friendly, and experienced studio, which we would recommend without hesitation.


adaptive in porting games
to Apple devices


agile in delivery of a launch-ready game
with a short turnaround


vision grounded in 13+ years
of experience with unreal engine

the pingle advantage

Revolution Software launched Beyond a Steel Sky
on time while meeting the technical requirements
of Apple Arcade and saving it's unique visual style.

Adapting existing code
to Apple Arcade requirements.
Console-like graphics and
performance on Android devices via
content optimization pipeline.
Touchscreen controls for
mobile designed from

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especially proud of

It took six experts from our team four months to complete the optimization of the game and prepare it for release. They overcame many challenges to help Revolution Software bring Beyond a Steel Sky to life on Apple Arcade.


Reproduce Beyond a Steel Sky‘s high-resolution graphics on lower-end Apple platforms.

  • 01. Analyze CPU/GPU profiles to detect the most resource-consuming game assets.

  • 02. Identify the most critical resource-consuming assets from an art perspective.

  • 03. Make necessary changes to adapt graphics without loss of artistic quality.

Preserve Beyond a Steel Sky’s unique visual style on low-end Apple devices: iPad mini 4, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2.

  • 01. Analyze the art assets from the game, including objects, characters, and levels.

  • 02. Remove or optimize art assets to preserve the game’s unique visual style, even on low-end devices.

Achieve high performance for Beyond a Steel Sky on all iOS devices.

  • 01. Analyze CPU/GPU profiles to detect the most resource-consuming assets of the game.

  • 02. Create a content optimization pipeline based on CPU/GPU profile results.

  • 03. Test the content optimization pipeline on a small slice of the game, and replicate results once successful.

Ensure that Beyond a Steel Sky’s features are supported by every device compatible with Apple Arcade.

  • 01. Perform iterative testing across all target devices.

  • 02. Compare content and feature parity between target devices.

Deliver a launch-ready iOS version of the game on a short turnaround.

  • 01. Define high-risk development phases.

  • 02. Allot more developers to the high-risk development phases to ensure the completion of the iOS version on time.
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