DKO Divine Knockout

Pingle Studio develops
the UI system for
Divine Knockout (DKO) 
on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S

Case study

Hi-Rez studios launched Divine Knockout
on all the target platforms
with a perfectly working UI.

Smooth controls including
next-gen consoles gamepads
new functionality.

Adapting game design
to feel native and intuitive
on any gamepad.

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A team of 10 professionals from Pingle Studio helped Hi-Rez studios to implement UI and provided some more development assistance. Here are some challenges we solved while working on DKO:


Implementing the flexible, effective, and change-friendly UI system, which is strongly connected with the gameplay


1. Planning the architecture system

2.  Creating a manager class that uploads the necessary assets to the memory and dynamically creates instances for widgets, based on the data from the assets

3. Implementing the assistance subsystems

4. Implementing the gameplay-connected code

5. Connecting the UI and gameplay

6. Testing and releasing


Fixing the critical freezes on a Startup video, which are being played during the engine initialization


1. Performing profiling

2. Postpone the system benchmark call

3. Add async asset uploading

4. Detect that async upload breaks the logic for some widgets

5. Fix the issue

6. Detect that the previous fix fixes the initial Startup video issue

7. Return the async assets uploading, using that fix, setting it only to work while this video is playing


Implementing the UI and code for game’s store


1 – Set a high priority to this task due to its effect on the partner’s income

2 – Review every stage of work with the project’s Tech Lead

3 – Set a fast communication with the partner’s team

4 – Apply some resources with similar functionality from another partner’s project.

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