annapurna interactive releases
donut county for  
android devices
with the porting support  
from pingle studio

Case study
the challenge

Create a fully-working Android version of a released PC game and add new features

the challenge
the result
the result

Annapurna Interactive released Donut County on Google Play within 2 months

commercial and critical reception

  • an average score of 80 at Metacritic

NF Magazine on Metacritic

If you ever need to entertain a room full of young kids, download Donut County.


adaptive in porting
graphics to mobile


agile with
 of any
game’s code and


proven experience with unity engine

the pingle advantage

Annapurna Interactive successfully released
Donut County for Android on time
while meeting the technical requirements
of Google Play and preserving its unique gameplay.

Console-like graphics and
performance on Android devices via
content optimization pipeline.
Touchscreen controls for
mobile designed from
Adapting existing code
to Google Play requirements.

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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

A team of 9 professionals brought Donut County to Google Play
in less than 7 weeks. Here are some major challenges from this period:


Add functionality to play the game with any gamepad without using plugins


01. Make a list of required devices: gamepads, phones, tabs

02. Create a custom solution for every combination of the device and gamepad


Google Play changed publishing requirements


01. Discover all the latest publishing requirements

02. Upgrade Unity version for the game to meet the requirements


Achieve high performance for Donut County on all Android devices.


01. Create a custom toolset for automated transferring of textures into atlases

02. Perform code refactoring

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