united label delivers 
eldest souls for  
all the major platforms 
with the porting support  
from pingle studio

Case study
the challenge

Deliver the best possible gaming experience for Eldest Souls players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles

the challenge
the result
the result

United Label published Eldest Souls 
on all platforms on a same day

commercial and critical reception

  • an average score of 77 at Metacritic

Jon Bailes for NME

Eldest Souls sets out to do one thing very well and achieves its goal. The imaginative design of its bosses is underpinned with some finely balanced additions to Soulslike combat that make for tense, undulating battles. It can feel overly punishing, even exhausting, at times, but rising to its challenge is highly satisfying.


adaptive in porting
original games to
past and next-gen consoles


agile with
 of any
game’s code and


proven experience with unity

the pingle advantage

United Label released
Eldest Souls for PS4, PS5,
Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
on the same day.

Adapting existing code
to console requirements
Smooth controls including
next-gen consoles gamepads
new functionality.
Adapting game design
to feel native and intuitive
on any gamepad.

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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

It took our team less than 4 months to deliver Fallen Flag's Eldest Souls on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox One X/S. Here are some interesting moments from the development process:


Some plugins weren't adapted for the next-generation consoles


01. Contact the developers of these plugins

02. Develop a custom update for every required plugin


The initial game architecture was made without considering console gameplay


01. Optimize available game resources to run well on consoles

02. Update the existing functionality


Lack of available data about porting to next-gen consoles


01. Use trial and error method for fixing porting-related bugs

02. Update the existing documentation


Lack of available TRC certification requirements published


01. Use TRC requirements for previous generation consoles

02. Test all the updates to make sure they're doing well on next-generation consoles

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