Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted PSVR2

Pingle Studio brings
Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted
to PS VR2

Case study
the challenge

Develop the VR version of FNAF: Help Wanted and bring it to PS VR 2

the challenge
the challenge
the challenge

PS VR2 players can enjoy the atmospheric horror experience of FNAF: Help Wanted on PS VR 2


  • 80/100 Metascore


  • 8.5 /10

vision grounded in 16+
years of experience
with unreal engine


experienced in
optimizing games 
for PlayStation devices

the result

Players experience the deep and scary
atmosphere of FNAF: Help Wanted
with the amazing functionality of PS VR2

Unified the flat
and VR versions of the game

Developed the haptic functionality
for the VR headgear

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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

A team of UE programmers, render developers, technical artists, QA engineers, sound engineers, game designers, and 3D artists brought this fantastic game to PS VR2. Here are some challenges they faced:


Develop a flat version game mode to enable remote development for the team.


– research the required documentation by Epic Games and Sony

– develop the platform-dependent build launching logic

– produce the VR functionality activation only if the VR helmet is plugged in and activated


Develop the haptic feedback functionality for the PS VR2 helmet.


– develop and test the UI scheme to access the haptic methods from the blueprints

– develop and implement the haptic feedback functionality

The result: the player feels the animatronic’s teeth via helmet while suffering a bite


Develop the game mode (flat vs VR) switching functionality.


– develop the settings for both flat and VR game modes
– fine-tune the DeviceProfileSelector functionality
– implement the game mode switching mechanics
– adapt the feature to the TRC requirements


Invisible virtual hands in the start menu on the shipping build


– apply the workaround fix to allow the QA team to continue working

– add another temporary workaround that reboots the level

– detect the multiple instances for the VR controllers tracking instance – done via code for test builds and via blueprints for dev builds

– correct the code and blueprints components architecture for it to select a single pair of controllers


Optimize the localization functionality.


– refactor and optimize the existing localization functionality

– optimize the number of used localization phrases from ~1500 to ~900

– fine-tune and utilize the localization for the original game and DLCs



Incorrect reflection of the splash screen with logos (only correct on the left eye).


– redesigning the existing splash screen and its reflecting functionality

– fine-tune this functionality for correct reflection both in the helmet and on the monitor

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