Passion Republic releases
 on PC and PlayStation
 with the help of pingle studio

Case study
the challenge

Test all the game regimes and multiplayer of the dynamic fighting game

the challenge
the result
the result

GigaBash is ready for publishing on PC and PlayStation




adaptive in preforming
Quality assurance


agile in delivery
of a launch-ready game
with a short turnaround


vision grounded in
15+ years of
experience with
unreal engine

the pingle advantage

Passion Republic received the full documentation
required to bring GigaBash to PC, and PlayStation consoles

Smooth controls including
next-gen consoles gamepads
new functionality.
Adapting game design
to feel native and intuitive
on any gamepad.

learn quality assurance with us

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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

A small team of 3 QA engineers did great work to ensure GigaBash is ready for release. Here are some notable moments from our working time in this fighting game.


The game lacked test documentation

  1. Discover GDD and see if it can be used for creating test documentation.
  2. Create test documentation according to our experience with the game.
  3. Create checklists for Steam and EGS 

The game had solid issues with multiplayer

  1. Test all the cooperative and multiplayer game mods
  2. Define bottlenecks and common crashes
  3. Document all the multiplayer-related issues for the developers to fix
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