Golf With Your Friends: The Deep

Pingle Studio
helps to release
the deep update
for Golf With Your Friends

Case study
the challenge

develop the 18-level multiplatform dlc for a stylized golf sim game

the challenge
the result
the result

the deep update for golf with your friends is available for all the platforms

commercial and critical reception


James Archer - Rock Paper Shotgun

If you can get a few like-minded folks on board, though, Golf With Your Friends can be a blast. Just make sure that you know them well enough for that friendship to, uh, survive.


experienced in
Unity games


agile to deliver a
launch-ready DLC
with a short turnaround


unique experience
in level design

the pingle advantage

Team 17 received a DLC
of 18 original and plot-based levels
with the bright atmosphere of underwater adventure
for Golf With Your Friends

Challenging game design
and perfectly counted balance
for both hardcore and casual gamers

Atmospheric visuals
and deep level-design
based on the original game.

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A team of concept artists, game designers, tech artists, level designers, QA specialists, level artists, 3D artists, and Unity developers created The Deep update for Golf With Your Friends from scratch. Here are some notable moments we faced while making this DLC for Team17


Create a plot-justified game concept for an underwater golf game.

  1. Invite game designers to create a plot pitch and approve it with Team17
  2. Create a game design document for further development of 18 levels.

Provide a decent game challenge for an audience of hardcore players.

  1. Develop a prototype for each level that can’t be beaten in less than two strikes.
  2. Implement the prototype on each level.

Provide updated visuals for the DLC, according to the new requirements to the graphics by Team17 and platform requirements.

  1. Allocate concept artists to create atmospheric sketches for better fluorescence perception and also help with creating props via hand painting.
  2. Allocate tech artists to create materials and set requirements for them.
  3. Add own textures with self-luminescence for every object.
  4. Create animations for seaweed, crystals, and other objects.
  5. Adapt shaders and materials from scratch.
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