Insurgency: Sandstorm Gen 8 porting

Pingle Studio brings
Insurgency: Sandstorm
on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Case study
the challenge

Bring realistic and challenge multiplayer experience of Insurgency: Sandstorm to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

the challenge
the result
the result

Console players enjoy all the modes of Insurgency: Sandstorm on PS4 and Xbox One


  • 85/100 for Xbox One
  • 78/100 for PlayStation 4


The places where Insurgency: Sandstorm excels are the places that matter most. Its gunplay is superb, its arsenal is exemplary, and the maps and modes are serviceable enough to facilitate its memorably frantic and immersive FPS combat.


experienced in porting 
Unreal Engine


agile delivery
of a launch-ready game
with a short turnaround


Vision grounded in 15+
years of experience
in game development

the result

Insurgency: Sandstorm console players
received a high0quality
and smoothly-working product
with all the advantages of the original game

Smooth controls
for both
DualShock and Xbox Controller

Crossplay between
Microsoft services
on both PC and Xbox One

Hardcore and challenging
experience both
on all game mods

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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

A handpicked team of our best UE programmers, tech artists, game designers, QA engineers, and 3D art & animation specialists was involved in bringing Insurgency: Sandstorm to PS4 and Xbox One. Here's what they did to succeed:


Provide gen 8 console players with realistic and challenging gameplay of the Insurgency: Sandstorm


– develop control schemes for gamepads

– improve AI logic for console players

– rework the explosions and weapon penetration balance

– develop and implement UI for consoles

– implement and set the overlay for consoles

– implement a cloud save system for consoles

– balance the weapons to feel realistic on DualSense and Xbox controller


Provide decent fps count for all the game modes on PS4 and Xbox One versions of Insurgency: Sandstorm


– balance the game’s sound files 

– reset the 3rd party plugins to work correctly on PS4 and Xbox One

– optimize the render thread

– update the Unreal Engine version used in the console builds 

– apply some custom features in Unreal Engine for better console performance

– optimize LODs system for gen 8 console builds


Implement the Microsoft systems crossplay between PCs and Xbox One


– develop a mouse & keyboard control system for Xbox One

– develop a control system selection for Xbox One players: mouse/keyboard or gamepad

– develop the console cross-party and cross-matchmaking functionality

– implement the TRC/XR features 

– develop the content parity for Steam and EGS versions of the game and connect them with Xbox systems 

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enjoy insurgency: sandstorm
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