Pingle Studio 
helps New World Interactive 
to improve the level design 
for Insurgency: Sandstorm 

Case study
the challenge

Enable hardcore and challenging gameplay for a realistic, tactical, multiplayer FPS.

the challenge
the result
the result

Insurgency: Sandstorm gets new playable maps and improves fun factor and balance on the existing maps with the help of Pingle Studio

commercial and critical reception

- 83/100 Metascore for Xbox One version



experienced in co-development
Unreal Engine 


agile delivery
of a launch-ready game
with a short turnaround


Vision grounded in 15+
years of experience
in game development

the pingle advantage

Insurgency: Sandstorm players received
a new map (Gap) in
addition to
a more balanced and
fun game experience
on all playable maps.

Balanced map design
and pace
for both playable fractions
Atmospheric visuals
and deep immersivity
based on the game's setting.
Adapting existing game modes
for old and new maps
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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

A team of level designers, level artists, and game designers helped NWI to improve the number and quality of playable maps in Insurgency: Sandstorm. 


Provide game balance for both Insurgent and Security factions on every map in the game 


1 - create multiple location variations of the important game points (planting places, spawns, sniping positions, etc)

2 - playtest different variations of the game maps

3 - implement changes based on focus group playtest feedback


Implement new possibilities to play existing maps 


1 - develop the gameplay components from scratch
2 - compile and test every way to play a map via greybox
3 - final polishing of game modes on every map


Ensure the level design and level art are aligned with the setting of the game.


1 - assemble a team of level artists and technical artists to develop all the required assets per the game’s vision

2 - approve every visual asset with the art team and NWI team to make sure that the general art direction of a level aligns with the game’s setting


Develop new game map - Gap


1 - develop level concepts based on the level sketches from the developer, considering every potential game mode

2 - test and polish the gameplay and visual aspects of the map


Improve the map, developed by the community - Prison


1 - acquire level art and level design team to improve the visual aspect of the map

2 - playtest the map and make improvements based on playtesters’ feedback 

3 - make sure the gameplay on the map feels complete in any game mode

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