Skyhook Games releases
Lawn Mowing Simulator 
on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One  
with the help from Pingle Studios

Case study
the challenge

provide at least 25 FPS in the game on PS4 & Xbox One

the challenge
the result
the result

skyhook games received stable builds for all the required consoles

critics reviews - Finger Guns

This game certainly has a niche and won’t be for everyone but if might surprise you with how equally innocuous and engaging it is at the same time. Even for someone who hates mow 

Michael Davies - Producer at Skyhook Games

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Pingle Studio, who provided great help with both the development and porting of Lawn Mowing Simulator.
Their communication, efficiency, skill, and experience have been a huge benefit to LMS


adaptive in developing
Unity games


agile in delivery
of a launch-ready game
with a short turnaround


vision grounded in
5+ years of
experience with

the pingle advantage

Skyhook Games launches
Lawn Mowing Simulator
at maximum possible visual quality
on PS4 & Xbox One

Smooth controls including
next-gen consoles gamepads
new functionality.
Adapting game design
to feel native and intuitive
on any gamepad.

learn about porting with us

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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

A team of 3 Unity Devs, 3 Technical Artists, 3 QA Engineers, and a Project Manager brought Lawn Mowing Simulator to PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, and Xbox One consoles. Here are some challenges we did while working on the project:


Overcome the significant underperformance on 4th gen consoles


Original requirements for the original game version were: 8GB RAM, Intel Core i3-8350K processor, and Radeon R9 390X (8192 VRAM) video card To publish the game on the 4th gen consoles, it was required to provide stable performance on both PS4 PRO & Slim, Xbox One X & Xbox One S The biggest challenge was to reach 25+ FPS performance on PS4 Slim. Through the smart rework of memory usage, render post-processing and some of the core features, we managed to get to 28+ FPS stable on PS4 Slim. At the same time, we got to the much higher performance marks on consoles with better hardware such as Xbox One and PS4 PRO


Define the activities content for PS5


At the beginning of development there was no specific design for Activities. We provided all the info, examples and best practices to help design the content of the feature. As a result, we managed to finish all the integrations for PS5 in one month.


Keeping the game build up to date


Generally, porting begins after the game is finished. Still, in this exact case, there were new content and gameplay fixes coming up during the porting. During the work, we managed to keep the project synchronized despite significant differences between projects on the late stage of porting. It was achieved through the planning, capacity management and timely execution of updates.

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