Pingle Studio
successfully ports
Square Enix’s Life is
to mobile

Case study
the challenge

create a mobile version of the critically
acclaimed episodic graphic adventure game

the challenge
the result
the result

Ported to iOS and Android with the same
immersive experience as the PS3/Xbox 360

commercial and critical reception

  • 4.3/5 rating on Google Play from
    55K+ reviews.
  • Editor's Choice Award on Google Play.

If you didn't have the chance to discover life is strange on home-console, now you have the right chance to do it, with a very good porting, with new social elements perfect for the perfect platform.


agile in porting pc
and console games
to mobile


experts at
transferring projects
from ue3 to ue4


13+ years of
experience with
unreal engine

the pingle advantage

Life is Strange for mobile
was delivered to Square Enix
on time with no changes to
the initial budget

Console-like graphics and
performance on Android devices via
content optimization pipeline.
Touchscreen controls for
mobile designed from
Adapting existing code
to Google Play requirements.

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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

More than 30 developers from Pingle Studio ported Life is Strange to Android devices in six months and 18 months for iOS. Our talented team overcame a number of challenges to deliver the mobile version on time and according to budget.


Transfer all assets and code from UE3 to UE4.

  • 01.Create and apply a toolset to transfer maps, textures, game logic, interactive objects, materials, parameters, sounds, and localization.
  • 02.Manually rewrite mechanics and logic.
  • 03.Delete unused PC/Console code.
  • 04.Add code for mobile support.
  • 05.Add 3rd-party sound library and apply it to mobile.
  • 06.Optimize all in-game content.

Deliver PS3/Xbox 360 graphics quality for mobile devices. Include the custom shaders and lighting developed

  • 01.Define the list of supported devices and usage of Metal RHI (iOS) and ES 3.1 (Android).
  • 02.Add new shading models (Blinn, Microfacet, SSS) to UE4's render system and adapt them to mobile devices.

Include specific VFX from Life is Strange despite the default version of UE4 not supporting them on mobile.


Modify UE4's source code to achieve the desired VFX.


Develop the new “Photo Mode” feature for Life is Strange on mobile.


Code a custom UE4 feature for taking photos in the game, enabling users to share pictures on Facebook and Twitter while also saving them natively to their mobile device.


Support high-resolution textures with the non-standard sizes found in Life is Strange despite iOS and Android not natively supporting them.


Apply ASTC compression of Metal RHI for iOS and ETC2 compression of OpenGL ES3 for Android to compress the textures with the same quality and aspect ratio.

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