tinyBuild releases
Pathologic 2 on PS4 
and Xbox One 
with the porting support  
from pingle studio

Case study
the challenge

port variative atmospheric adventure to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

the challenge
the result
the result

tinyBuild released Pathologic 2 on required consoles

User Score

7.7 on Metacritic for PS4 version

Alex Nichiporchik - CEO at tinyBuild

We often require help with projects “on fire”.
Pingle has always been flexible enough to accommodate our needs. They’ve not been scared by challenging projects.
We were able to ship multiple projects on tight deadlines with the challenging tech behind them. Pingle were able to deliver on time.


adaptive in porting
Unity games


agile in delivery
of a launch-ready game
with a short turnaround


vision grounded in
5+ years of
experience with

the pingle advantage

tinyBuild brings Pathologic 2 to console players

Adapting game design
to feel native and intuitive
on any gamepad.

learn about porting with us

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here are some key things
we did on that project

A team of 13 people, including Unity developers, QA engineers, Tech Artists, Project Managers, and a 3D artist helped tinyBuild to bring Pathologic 2 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here’s a brief story of what challenges have we solved:


The initial build shows unplayable performance on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4


01. perform major research for all the acquired code and 3D assets in the game

02. perform heavy content pipeline optimization via optimizing the C# code and simplifying and culling the graphic assets


No gamepad controls for the original game


01. develop the control scheme for DualShock and Xbox One gamepads, based on the focus group feedback results 

02. implement the control scheme via Unity tools

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