Strayed Lights

Embers brings
Strayed Lights
to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation,
and Xbox consoles
with help from Pingle Studio

Case study
the challenge

port reaction-based atmospheric fantasy adventure game to both generations of playstation and xbox consoles, as well as nintendo switch

the challenge
the result
the result

embers launches strayed lights on all the required platforms in the same day

commercial and critical reception

79/100 Metascore

Joshua Orpheus - Noisy Pixel

Strayed Lights is a strongly designed action adventure bursting with a melancholic atmosphere that is easy to get wrapped within. Additionally, the terrific boss battles, gorgeous presentation, and interpretive yet emotional narrative showcase how lovingly crafted this whole experience is.


adaptive in
porting PC games
to consoles


agile with optimization
of any game’s code
and assets


vision grounded in 15+
years of experience
with unreal engine

the result

Pingle Studio provides Embers with the
decently playable version of the game
for every requested console

Adapting existing code
to console requirements

Adapting game design
to feel native and intuitive
on any gamepad.

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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

Our talented team of developers, technical artists, managers, sound designers, QA engineers, game designers, UI/UX designers, and localizers applied all their talent to bring this majestic game to consoles in time. Here are some challenges they solved:


Provide the certification process passing on consoles, especially for Gen 8 and Nintendo Switch.

  1. rework and optimize the streaming system


  1. optimize the use of Hard References technology, especially on the consoles with weaker hardware


  1. add load screens in the most resource-consuming areas, with no harm to the gameplay

Decrease the amount of memory for game sounds

  1. select proper audio codecs and add them to the project


  1. optimize the audio containers


  1. change the Global Voice Limitation conditions for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch


  1. apply voices prioritizing

Develop the DualSense controls features from scratch.

  1. develop and implement particular kinds of Haptic Feedback vibrations for multiple game situations, like ultimate attacks or energy draining


  1. develop and implement game cases and adaptive triggers for specific game scenarios;


  1. implement the gamepad vibrations, sound and light bars for the character changes in color

Decrease the CPU load caused by sounds on Nintendo Switch

  1. optimize the reverb effect throughout the game


  1. optimize the dynamic processing effects
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achieve greater
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game art-03
enjoy Strayed Lights

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