team 17 releases
the survivalists for all
apple arcade devices
with the help from
pingle studio

Case study
the challenge

Adapt a coop-multiplayer game for all apple arcade devices

the challenge
the result
the result

team 17 received the release-ready apple arcade

port of their game in less than four months

commercial and critical reception

  • 5 stars rating on AppStore on Metacritic

The Survivalists is one of the best crafting games that I have played and one of my favourite games of the year.


adaptive in porting PC games to iOS


agile delivery of a launch-ready game with a short turnaround


exceptional experience with the Apple Arcade platform

the pingle advantage

The Survivalists by Team 17
debuted on Apple Arcade,
with the support of all Apple devices,
even those with 2GB of RAM

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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

It took 11 professionals from our team a bit more than 3 months to complete the Apple Arcade version of the game and prepare it for release. Here are some memorable challenges we completed to help Team 17 bring The Survivalists on Apple Arcade.


Adapt the coop-multiplayer game to mobile devices

  • 01. Perform analysis on network usage.
  • 02. Remove unnecessary calls or use batching.

Recreate network logic on the Game Center framework

  • 01. Check GameCenter API to understand the limitations of this solution.
  • 02. Produce technical design documents based on those limitations.
  • 03. Recreate or rewrite network logic based on agreed changes.

Implement mobile controls

  • 01. Create multiple control prototypes.
  • 02. Test the prototypes with a focus group.

Integrate cross-platform save system (iOS, tvOS, macOS).

  • 01. Analyze current in-game implementation
  • 02. Produce technical design document based on platform requirements
  • 03. Make required changes and test compatibility on all platforms

Get Apple Arcade certification and release the game for all necessary devices (including 2Gb RAM).

  • 01. Analyze requirements provided by Apple
  • 02. Create a list of changes based on analysis
  • 03. Work closely with the Apple team to provide an excellent result
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