tinyBuild brings
Totally Reliable Delivery Service
to iOS and Android players
with the porting support  
from pingle studio

Case study
the challenge

bring ragdoll-physics sandbox game to mobile players

the challenge
the result
the result

tinyBuild released TRDS on all the required devices with decent framerate

Critics rates

Totally Reliable Delivery Service delivers some goofy laughs with family or friends as you fumble your way to a destination without completely destroying your cargo, but like a package that’s been bashed into your front door a few times before finally being pushed through your mail slot, it’s noticeably rough around the edges and some of its contents are broken.

Tristan Ogilvie - IGN

Alex Nichiporchik - CEO at tinyBuild

We often require help with projects “on fire”.
Pingle has always been flexible enough to accommodate our needs. They’ve not been scared by challenging projects.
We were able to ship multiple projects on tight deadlines with the challenging tech behind them. Pingle were able to deliver on time.


adaptive in porting
graphics to mobile


agile with
 of any
game’s code and


proven experience with unity engine

the pingle advantage

tinyBuild brings TRDS’ exciting gameplay to mobile gamers

Console-like graphics and
performance on Android devices via
content optimization pipeline.
Touchscreen controls for
mobile designed from
Adapting existing code
to Google Play requirements.

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here are some solutions we’re
especially proud of

A team of 13 people, including Unity developers, QA engineers, Tech Artists, Project Managers, Game Designer, and a UI/UX designer helped tinyBuild to port TRDS on iOs and Android devices in a short turnaround. Here’s a brief story of what challenges have we solved:


Add functionality to play the game with any gamepad or touchscreen


01. Make a list of required devices: gamepads, phones, tabs

02. Create a custom solution for every combination of the device and gamepad


Reproduce graphics and ragdoll physics on mobile devices.


01. Analyze CPU/GPU profiles to detect the most resource-consuming assets of the game.

02. Analyze the most resource-consuming assets from an art perspective.

03. Make required changes to adapt graphics without loss of artistic quality:
- remove unnecessary geometry
- decrease shader complexity
- simplify post-processes


Design touchscreen controls for the mobile game from scratch.


01. Create multiple control prototypes.

02. Test the prototypes on a focus group.

03. Adjust the most popular scheme based on user feedback and implement it into the final design.


Provide at least 30 fps framerate on every targeted device


01. Analyze CPU/GPU profiles to detect the most resource-consuming assets of the game.

02. Create a content optimization pipeline based on the CPU/GPU profile results.

03. Test the content optimization pipeline on a small slice of the game, and replicate results once successful.

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