Unreal Engine Render Developer

August 03, 2022

We are looking for a skillful Unreal Engine Render Developer to work on projects from the world’s top publishers. Pingle Game Studio is a team of professional game developers with over 14 years of industry experience. Our goal is to reach and maintain a leading position among video game developers all over the world. We are engaged in the development and porting, work with all stages of development.
ATTENTION: Pingle Studio DOES NOT HIRE from Russian Federation.

Main responsibilities:

  • profiling, optimizing, and improving render code
  • adapting pipeline and shaders to different platforms
  • debugging and fixing visual bugs
  • extending render code.


  • 2+ years in the game industry and/or equivalent experience with games rendering techniques and interfaces
  • Strong knowledge of C++ and shader languages
  • Strong math skills (trigonometry, linear algebra, and mathematical concepts)
  • Experience with debugging and profiling
  • Knowledge of vector algebra, OOP and design patterns;
  • Experience with multithreaded systems;
  • Experience with optimization

Will be an advantage:

  • Strong understanding of memory management;
  • Experience with mobiles and consoles
  • Experience with UnrealEngine and/or Unity
  • Experience with large game projects and complex render pipelines

What we offer:

  • Fast hiring and clear  process;
  • 20 Paid Vacation Days;
  • 10 Paid Sick Leave Days;
  • Regular salary reviews;
  • Personal Development Plan for clear growing of skills;
  • Accountant support and full taxes coverage;
  • Comfortable Office Location and the ability to work remotely;
  • Relocation Support;
  • Corporate English lessons;
  • Advanced training: compensation of 50% of the cost of training courses, video courses;
  • Career Path and Mentorship Program;
  • Referral internal Program: Active Program with Great Bonuses;
  • Сommunity of people who understand your game passion.
or send CV to:   [email protected]

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