What is the Best QA Bug Tracking Software for Video Games?

Bug tracking software is a tool that helps the development team to manage the found issues, mark the ones that were solved, and prioritize the rest that remain. Using it can be tedious, especially when you have to document every minor issue, yet it is essential for the project’s success.

Some of the most well-regarded QA bug tracking software for video games are:

  • Trello boards can be effectively used for bug tracking in smaller projects and teams. Create several columns to track the found bugs, issues that are being solved, and problems that have been dealt with;
  • GitHub. In every GitHub repository, there is an issues section that QA engineers can use to a great extent to log in bugs, discuss its roots and potential solutions with the rest of the team. You can use milestones and labels to manage the problems efficiently;
  • ClickUp is another project management tool that can be alternatively used for bug tracking. You can list each bug as a new ClickUp task, and all the details and any progress on its fixing will be detailed there;
  • Jira provides a whole set of tools for bug reporting, recording, and tracking. It is also easy to integrate with most development environments, which makes it easy to organize into a perfect workflow;
  • Bugzilla is a free, open-source web-based bug tracking tool that has been on the market for a long time. Software developers keep using it for its convenience and exhaustive set of features;
  • Backlog is another online bug-tracking software that makes it easy to report, manage, and discuss issues. It is easy to track the history of each problem, and there is a set of filters that will help users find a particular bug among the many issues;
  • Kualitee is software built specifically for QA teams, so it has the most features among the tools mentioned. It allows for effective management of test cases and test cycles, has customizable fields and reporting, and allows for easy third-party tool integration.

Many project management tools have issue tracking capabilities that suit video game QA testing. In most cases, the best solution is not to spread the resources and use the additional functionality of the tools you’re already using in your project.