How to get your game featured on Steam?

Securing a featured spot on Steam can significantly boost the visibility and success of your game. There are some strategies to increase your chances of getting your game featured on Steam. From building a compelling marketing campaign to engaging with the Steam community, let’s look at some effective methods to promote your game on this popular digital distribution platform.

Develop a Strong Marketing Plan

Crafting a comprehensive marketing plan is essential to catch the attention of Steam curators and users. Start by identifying your target audience and creating a unique selling proposition that differentiates your game. Some elements we recommend you to have on your page are:

  • engaging visuals
  • captivating trailers
  • descriptive game pages to showcase your game’s features and appeal.

Engage with the Steam Community

Active engagement with the Steam community is vital to promote your game effectively. Participate in forums, community groups, and discussions about your game’s genre or theme. Offer insights, answer questions, and demonstrate your passion for your project. This community involvement raises awareness about your game and helps build credibility and a dedicated fan base.

Leverage Steam’s Marketing Tools

Steam provides various marketing tools and features to enhance your game’s visibility. Utilize Steam’s curator program to connect with influential curators who can promote your game to their followers. Explore Steam’s Discovery Queue, where users can discover and wishlist new games based on their interests. Additionally, take advantage of Steam’s announcements, sales, and events to create excitement and attract attention to your game.

Seek Media Coverage and Reviews

Generate buzz for your game by contacting game journalists, influencers, and content creators. Provide them with review copies, press releases, and captivating media assets. Positive reviews and coverage from reputable sources can significantly increase your game’s visibility and credibility on Steam.

Build a Dedicated Community

Cultivate a dedicated community of players who are passionate about your game. Engage with your audience on social media platforms, create a Discord server, and encourage user-generated content. By fostering an active and supportive community, you not only create a loyal fan base but also attract the attention of Steam curators and potential players.


Getting your game featured on Steam requires a strategic game promotion and marketing approach. By developing a solid marketing plan, engaging with the Steam community, leveraging Steam’s marketing tools, seeking media coverage, and building a dedicated community, you can increase your chances of securing a featured spot on this prominent digital distribution platform.