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We are proud of the work we do and always deliver the highest quality data for the gamedev projects we work on. Many of them are breakthroughs in their gaming industry and get attention from leading news media. We're glad our work resonates and is recognized. Every new publication makes us proud, and we invite you to read what publishers say:
Kirk Scott, known in the game development industry for his work at Nintendo, has joined Ukrainian external game development partner Pingle Studio as Vice President of Publisher and Developer relations for NA and LATAM regions. Despite the circumstances, he shares his view on how Pingle Studio can grow its presence in the industry. Kirk also shares the details about his role and how Pingle Studio operates as an external gamedev partner.
Dmytro Kovtun, Pingle Studio’s CEO & co-founder, has shared the studio’s background, how the work at Pingle Studio is organized, how the studio helps developers with porting games to various platforms and spoke about the company's future plans.
Kirk Scott, the game development industry veteran, joins the Ukrainian external development company Pingle Studio. He will operate as a Vice President of Publisher and Developer relations for NA and LATAM regions. Kirk shares details about his decision to join a Ukrainian company after years at Nintendo in this article.
Pingle Studio's UE Development Department Lead - Vladyslav Popushoi - details porting the 9th game in the FNAF franchise to Nintendo Switch. Pingle's team had to apply many creative tactics to bring this game to Nintendo Switch, considering all the limitations of this platform. See how a group of programmers, tech artists, sound engineers, and QA specialists got Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach to Switch.
In an interview with Pocket Gamer, Pingle Studio's representatives discuss their latest offering, a groundbreaking service that facilitates the conversion of games from Unity to Unreal Engine. The interview delves into the technical aspects of this service, its potential impact on game development, and the support system Pingle provides to ensure a smooth transition for their clients.
Pingle Studio has unveiled an innovative service for converting Unity games to Unreal Engine, addressing a growing demand in the game development industry. The article explores the nuances of this conversion process, discussing its complexities, limitations, and the support offered to development teams.
Pingle Studio, the Ukrainian external game development company, participated in the Nordic Game 2023 event in Malmö, Sweden. The company’s representative, Ivanna Murzenkova, performed on stage with a call for charity for Support the Kids in Ukraine fundraising campaign. This is an international charity aimed at helping children who suffered from Russia’s attack in Ukraine.
Dmytro Kovtun and Kostyantyn Shepilov are co-founders of Pingle Studio - Ukraine’s leading external game development company. Dmytro and Kostyantyn share their views about the industry expansion, Pingle’s own game development technology, and passion for games. Find out the history and details behind the scenes of Pingle Studio in their interview for GAMESMARKT.
Katleen Evers, Pingle Studio’s Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations for the EMEA region - joins the ChinaJoy conference in Shanghai. Katleen will be glad to share her strong entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to create, maintain, and enhance cross-border and cross-level customer relationships.
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