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3D Game Development Team


Solve any 3D game development challenge with the help of our technical and artistic experts. Considering our 13+ years of experience with multiple gaming technologies, including Unreal Engine and Unity, our 3D game development team will help you with everything from optimizing performance to creating game-ready assets. Using our 3D game development services will ultimately empower you to achieve your creative vision, no matter the size, genre, or platform of your game.

how we can help
game testing
tech art
3d art & animation

we will handpick the team for your project 
by the means of professionalism, genre knowledge
and both hard & soft skills

project manager
A master of logistics. The project manager monitors, tracks, and documents the progress our team makes on deliverables for your game and creates visual reports that help you quickly understand when key milestones, technical updates, task updates, and more will be complete.
Specialists in Unreal Engine and Unity who code your game. Our developers write top-notch programming independently from or collaboratively with your team while also resolving immediate technical challenges within planned sprints.
game designers
As fellow game creators, our designers intuitively understand the concepts and mechanics that make your game unique, realizing them through engaging level designs and authentic gameplay experiences.
QA testers
The ISTQB certified technicians who provide topnotch computer game testing services and squash bugs throughout your game. Our game testing QA services help discover, target and eliminate unseen technical problems to enhance your game’s overall quality and prepare it for a successful launch.
tech artists
Experts who have programming and artistic skills. Our tech artists optimize completed assets so that they run optimally within the memory and load speeds of your game’s engine/platform while maintaining high standards for visual quality.
level designers
The innovative minds behind the levels that ground your creative vision. These team members create levels that hook players from their first gameplay session and help to keep them coming back until the end credits roll.
how to start

It takes 4 simple steps to perform a 3d game co-development with us:

Discuss the needs and goals of the project
Define its milestones and establish scope
Sign a legal agreement
Kick off the project
have us contact you

3D Game Development Outsourcing

Making even a small game is a challenge that requires talents and time in multiple branches of a complex game development process. Inviting a 3rd party company to help bring your game to life helps to increase the quality and contents of your game. It also often helps with time management, because few properly managed teams of professionals are more likely to deliver the game on time. As an experienced 3D game development company, we're happy to provide our help at any stage of the project. Don’t hesitate to make this important step towards satisfying your players.

Pingle Studio provides flexible game development assistance for any kind of game. Do you have a working build and want your game to have a better performance? Our team of technical professionals will help with optimizing your project for it to run on any configuration you prefer.

Do you have a deadline coming towards you and need to meet it for sure? After a very short onboarding time, our team will make sure the game is ready by the time you set.

Do you plan to provide a simultaneous release of your game for all the platforms? Let’s plan it step-by-step, arrange teams, and deliver your game for all the required platforms on time!

Contact our experts, tell us about your project, and let’s please your players with the game they’re willing to pay for!